【BHS J2J’19】EP1: Welcome to Japan!

Hi, this is Leo from EXS.

つい先月桜塚高校の4名がシアトルにあるバラード高校(Ballard High School)で研修のためお世話になりましたが、今度はそのバラード高校の高校生19名が日本向けの研修旅行に参加しました!



4 students from Sakurazuka High School visited Ballard High School last month and this month, 19 students from Ballard High School are coming to Japan!

They only have 9 days in Japan but they’ll visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

Please enjoy watching their journey to Japan!



This if our first program with double digits students (for inbound), I have hired 2 student guides and we greeted BHS students at Narita airport together.


BHS students left Seattle early in the morning and spent over 10 hours on the flight, but they didn’t look that tired. They looked very happy in their matched red T-shirts. They might have some anxiety but mostly excitement.

Dinner time


As soon as they were ready to leave the airport, we took bus to Tokyo Station. It was about right time for us to have dinner. Students formed groups and had their very first meal in Japan (except for few of them how had been to Japan).


Some of them had something specific in their mind, some were not sure what’s for dinner, but they all looked happy.


After their dinner, we took train to the hotel, but 4 students were going to stay at college students’ place so their buddy students picked them up.

Group shot with “Tokyo Station” sign

Rush Hour Train


We took train from Tokyo Station to the hotel during the rush hour. It was packed with people and people. I guess this is one of the events represents “TOKYO” but it was definitely a hard time for students spent long hour coming to Japan.


Most of the students went to bed as soon as they were in the hotel room. I heard some of them skipped taking shower. The trip is very intense, but we do our best to make students feel it was worth it.

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