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Hey, this is Leo from EXS.

We are launching multiple projects to fight this difficult moment with coronavirus. One of those is “Nike Run 2 Seattle” project.

There were 6 students who were going to visit Seattle this spring, but the program was canceled with the coronavirus situation. It’s not possible for any of us to change this fact that we could not go to Seattle, but there are things we can do still.

With this Nike Run 2 Seattle project, we “virtually” run to Seattle with Nike Run Club APP that Nike released for runners to keep running record. We share our run by using same hashtag, #NikeRun2Seattle on twitter.

The distance in between Osaka (Toyonaka city) and Seattle is,

8,033km!!! (about 5,000 miles)


Nike Run Club (NRC) is required for joining our project. APP is available on both iOS and Android.


Please install the APP if you don’t have. The APP is completely free to install and use.

Why run?

Going to gym, swimming pool, fitness clubs, etc. is not recommended in this situation. Schools are closed and many students can’t workout. However, going for run/walk in open air, alone is fine unless you feel sick. Running is always good for health, strengthen immune system which helps people protect themselves from viruses.

Though it’s good for your health, not many people like to run.

Because of that fact, if more people run for something, their effort is very easy to be know by others. That will make others want to support our challenge.

The real goal

The challenge is about we try to run 8033km virtually. It’s not very easy. LONG distance. But because it’s long, we can show how badly we wanted to go to Seattle by keep running towards Seattle. Of course, the idea is adding up all runners’ run, so it’s not like individuals trying to reach 8033km, but still, achieving this long distance all together means a lot.

We don’t get, earn any rewords as of now. We use “Nike” in our project but they are not sponsoring us (yet).

Hopefully, if this project get bigger, Nike will notice the challenge and will support us.

How to join us

  • Open NRC APP, and just run.
  • Distance doesn’t matter.
  • Take screenshot after your run.
  • Post the screenshot on Twitter with the following hashtag.

↑sample of the screen shot



Include these 2 hashtags in your tweet.

Project team will count total distance of running with the hashtag everyday. Because we sort tweets with the hashtag, your run cannot be counted if you forget adding these hashtags.


Please read following information before joining (running).

Run alone, outside

NRC APP counts your run even if you do indoor run, but please run outside.

Also, please run alone. This is to avoid infection.

Do not run in dark

Some people might not have time to run during daytime but please try not to run after dark it’s dangerous.

Location service

GPS is used to know your running distance. Therefore, your run route is included in your run summary, but DO NOT include the map part in screenshot because that will give others know your location. If you start running from your home or to your home, someone can figure out where you live. It can be very dangerous.

Do only what you can do

You might feel like you want to support this project by running long long distance, but please do not push your self too much. If you get injured by running too much, or get sick, it’s overturn. Do only what you can do.

いいね ! しよう

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